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Matricom G-Box Q2

Matricom G-box Q2 fastest most stable Kodi Streaming enviornment box

Forget everything you think you know about streaming.

G-Box Q2 Powerful CPU whole new HUD UI

Go beyond the future and be ready for anything that comes your way. G-Box Q2 brings the latest in technology and the power of Android 6.01 Lollipop to the table. The open eco-system design makes the Q2 future-proof. No, this is not your typical streaming device. This is a workhorse of a machine, created to be open and powerful, designed to blow all of your expectations away and built to conquer the world, one television at a time.

The best just got a whole lot better.

G-Box Q2 takes all of the greatness of it’s predecessor, adds a more powerful CPU, whole new HUD UI, more video format support and Android 6 to manifest the most advanced Android set-top box available

New HUD interface for Kodi

HUD Launcher UI

App navigation redefined.

The new G-Box Q2 UI has been designed to be as TV user-friendly as possible. All of your apps are now right at your fingertips, no matter what you’re already doing on your G-Box. No more fumbling around with a launcher and exiting your apps just to launch a new one. The HUD UI makes it a breeze to jump around from app to app without frustration, using only your remote.

Andriod 5 Lollipop

Android 6.01 (Lollipop)

Upgraded to the best Android OS yet.

The G-Box Q2 comes with the full, unrestricted version of Android 6.01 Lollipop. This means that most apps that work on your Android phone or tablet will work on your G-Box. Unlike all those basic streaming boxes on the market, G-Box allows you to install virtually any Android app easily and without fuss. We don’t believe in limits, neither should you.

The only device for Play Store apps.

G-Box is the only true Android “app-friendly” TV device on the market. With G-Box, you have full access to the Google Play Store without limits. If you’re looking for a device that runs your favorite apps, look no further.

G-Box Q2 includes google palystore

Includes Google Play Store

Install your favorite apps with ease.

Unlike all those other steaming boxes you’ve probably already seen, the G-Box comes pre-loaded with the Google Play Store. This means you can install virtually any app on the G-Box that’s available for your phone or tablet. That’s over one million apps that you can start using on your G-Box. Any other box out there wanna compete with that? *crickets*

Gbox Q2 G-box Q2 has amazing gaming for andriod

A better device for gaming.

G-Box Q2 is ready for battle. Connect a Bluetooth controller or mouse, install your favorite Android games from an app store and game on. The Octocore GPU is designed for stellar 3D gaming performance which rivals the likes of any streaming device on the market.


8x (Octocore) 3D Graphics

Unrivaled performance for video and gaming

G-Box Q2 is capable of delivering the highest Ultra HD resolutions without breaking a sweat thanks to the powerful integrated Mali-450 Octocore GPU. Whether you’re playing your favorite Android 3D game, watching a cutting-edge 4K Ultra HD movie or streaming your favorite TV epiosdes, the G-Box Q2 is up to the task.

4x Quad Core ARM Processor

High performance CPU for power-hungry apps

G-Box Q2 employs a highly optimized version of the Amlogic s905x Quad Core processor, providing the smoothest Android 6 UI and gaming experience possible. G-Box is the only device on the market with direct support from Amlogic, giving it cutting edge technology advances over any other product employing similar processor technology.
G-Box Q2 optimized for XBMC now called Kodi

The best Android box for Kodi

Since the very first G-Box, our device has been developed to be the most compatible with XBMC/Kodi. This means stellar multimedia performance and compatibility with all of the most popular video formats in Kodi.

G-Box Q2 ready for Kodi

Built for Kodi

Top-notch media performance

The G-Box Q2 is specially tailored to include features and codec compatibilities that allow it to outperform any other set-top boxes on the market, making it the best Android TV box for Kodi streaming and media playback. Kodi has hundreds of popular add-ons to let you watch TV for free, stream free movies on demand and so much more. G-Box Q2 is the only set-top box that is specially designed to be 100% compatible with Kodi and XBMC.

g-box (Gbox) is ready for 4K TV

4K (UDH) Video Processing

Ultra-HD Resolutions delivered to your TV

The future of Ultra High Definition is coming soon and the G-Box Q2 is equipped with the power to enjoy it today. When you’re ready to watch the next generation of 4K movies for free you’ll be happy to know that the G-Box Q2 will be ready to play these for you without breaking a sweat.

G-Box Q2 has a  H.265 HEVC Decoder

H.265 HEVC Decoder

H.265 ready means you’re ready for the future

The G-Box Q has been upgraded to support H.265, which is the latest in compression technology for high definition video content. This new format is capable of delivering higher resolutions with less bandwidth, making it the leading compression method available for streaming video.

3D Video Playback

Watch movies in stunning 3D on your TV

Have a 3D TV? Great! The G-Box Q2 is ready to deliver crisp, amazing, vivid 3D video content to your TV via Kodi media center. Watch your favorite movies the way they were intended.

G-Box Q2 Specifications


Amlogic s905x Quad Core @ 2GHz
Mali-450 Octo Core 3D GPU




16GB Flash Storage

Andriod OS

Android Lollipop 6.x, Full Version

USB Ports

Two (2) USB 2.0


10/100 Full Duplex


Broadcom 5G 802.11 Dual Band


V.4.0 Low Power, Full Speed

 Add to Cart $ 99.99 CDN

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